"Out with the old in with the new." The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Argument

June 21, 2023

Aviation has had a couple of bad falls over the past couple of years, workforce consolidation being the most concerning. People want to fly, they want to get to their destinations with no fuss no muss and as soon as possible. The recent storm squall, coughs in pandemic, brought early retirements, buyouts and more, and caught everyone off guard. Consequently, delays, cancellations and passenger meltdowns have now become all too common. Gaps in manpower left the entire aviation industry scrambling to plug holes with fewer resources and more challenges. Today, the shortage is showing signs of improvement. Through industry analysis and forecast predictions, we are beginning to see clear skies on the horizon.

Airline Pilot Association International (More Than Enough Pilots to Meet U.S. Airline Demand)


United Aviate

A new approach to flight training.

Several airlines have initiated workforce development programs with the assistance of amended Workforce Development Grants from the 2020 CARES Act and the Aviation Workforce Development Act 12th of July 2022. United Aviate, JetBlue Getaways, Delta Propel, and American Airlines Cadet Academy are among the programs receiving these grants, which also offer to fund many Part 141 and Part 61 flight schools. In short, this is an opportune time to pursue a career as a professional pilot. With reduced costs resulting from corporate programs, government grants, and scholarships, this is the time to pursue flying or any career in aviation!

A renewed interest in aviation!

Flight simulation as an entertainment genre is expanding thanks to the video game consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox products. New users build the foundation for the growth of the aviation industry and certainly aid the expansion of the workforce. Promoting safety through aviation exploration and education is to establish a foundation that reduces the intimidation and shock to many newcomers. This sets the stage for enjoyable and safe learning experiences.

Dream Aero is a brilliant example of how aviation can be made accessible to those who may not know where to start learning about flight beyond simple googling or mass media. Dream Aero provides an opportunity to experience hands-on training with equipment like that used to train flight crews through the guidance of real flight instructors. Dream Aero's Simulator provides the exploration of flight in a location one wouldn't typically associate with aviation: The Westfield Montgomery Shopping Mall. Dream offers a casual learning experience at a friendly level, catering to those new to flying or those with actual flight experience, through a full-motion Level D 737 simulator.

 Dream Aero’s full motion Boeing 737 NG Sim at Montgomery Shopping Mall.

Flight Simulator 2024, You may end up loving it.

The flight simulation community needs this consistent flow of imagination, creativity and innovation. For years home based flight simulation idled in stagnation. I'm excited to see Flight Simulator 2024 as an groundbreaking table shaking addition to the world of consumer flight simulation. While some may see it as just a hyped up game, it's important to consider how it advances and builds upon the accomplishments of the past. Even as someone who remembers the excitement of X-Plane 4, Flight Simulator 2, Pro Pilot, and Falcon 4.0, I’m happy to see people push the envelope. Sometimes I even have to double-check my glasses to make sure what I'm seeing isn't real! We find ourselves in an incredibly thrilling era of aviation, technology, gaming, flight simulation, and training. Finally, there is something for everyone out there and there’s everything out there for someone. Hey, get out there and try what you can! We all have different means, but the best way to get involved. Break the order and create the extremes of your imagination!

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