Magnus is Co-Founder, Owner and CEO of Threshold. Based in Oslo, Norway, he oversees all financial and managerial tasks of Threshold. Together with Peter, Magnus leads the collective into one of X-Plane's go-to websites to visit. In the real world, Magnus works as an IT consultant, is engaged on the community board and produces music whilst trying not to neglect his wife and child.


Chief Designer

Peter is Co-Founder and Design Chief, overseeing all the design aspects at Threshold. Based in Sydney, Australia, Peter is responsible for translating Threshold's image and brand into a cohesive visual identity. Currently studying Product Design, Peter seeks to transform Threshold into X-Plane's most visually appealing website through his expertise while pondering whether studying Design is a mistake...


Chief Editor

Sam is the Editor in Chief at Threshold Editorial, covering X-Plane news as it happens from his base in Wellington, New Zealand. He is in charge of both written and video content at X-Plane's largest dedicated news source, while also juggling studies and a recent endeavour into real-world flying. Sam is a strong believer in the growth of the X-Plane platform, British English, and the Oxford comma.


Chief Operations

Located in Wales in the United Kingdom, Alex is Chief Operations Officer. Involved in day-to-day decisions, Alex helps guide Threshold in all areas, primarily  assisting in writing news and community articles and manages the store's smooth operation. Presently studying aerospace engineering at university, Alex plans to go into this sector in the future.

Jordan Davison

Jordan writes articles as well as helps out in other areas occasionally. Beginning with Threshold in December of 2018, Jordan is an avid fan of repainting and has been engaged with Flight Simulators for over a decade. Based in Atlanta, he is currently pursuing his private pilot’s license and hopes to eventually become commercial rated on the 737.

Keizo Ono

Keizo writes news for Threshold, based in the Bay Area, California having joined in us in May 2019. An early adopter of X-Plane 11, Keizo is very active throughout the flight sim community. Currently in high school, he hopes to pursue a job in aviation so he can see how it stacks up to flight sim. He spends much of his free time painting liveries for his airliners.

Sol Vashez

Sol writes news articles for Threshold along with leading, editing, and hosting Threshold's podcast, Inflight. He is based in the city that never sleeps and joined in October 2019. Currently, he hopes to make it into college to become an aerospace engineer and develop the next-generation Concorde but for now, podcasting will do.

Ilari Kousa

Ilari is a senior writer for Threshold, bringing astute analysis to X-Plane community. With deep connections and experience in flight simulation and the aviation industry – Ilari is able to spark insightful discussion. Based in Vantaa, Finland, he joined Threshold in its infancy back in February, and is a Cognitive researcher at the University of Helsinki.

Mike Cameron

Mike Cameron is a reviewer for Threshold. Based in Seattle, Washington, Mike joined Threshold in December 2018. A veteran in both the aviation and flight simming community, Mike was an Civil Air Patrol cadet, Aviation Explorer Scout, and worked at America West Airlines for over a decade in LA and Seattle. In the real world, Mike is a caretaker, and enjoys photography and travelling.

Garrett Yalch

Garrett is a review writer for Threshold, whose role also includes the occasional news piece. He joined Threshold in April of 2018 and had a prolonged interest in aviation and flightsiming. Based in Oklahoma, he is pursuing his private pilot’s license plus further ratings. Later, he plans to major in Aerospace Engineering. Outside of X-Plane, Garrett chows down Native American Grape Dumplings.

Will Reynolds

Will Reynolds is Threshold’s Relations Officer. Prior to joining Threshold, he was the Chief Editor at Avsim where he engaged with developers, aviation industry, treasure hunters, conspiracy theorists and a few people who offered a new religion or a free conversion to an existing one. Will is a Project Manager in his day job but freely admits to day-dream aviation at all times.

Matt Shenher

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Matheson's role in Threshold is the moderation and support of Threshold's Social Media channels (Instagram and Twitter). Additionally he advises on the team's daily operation and for Threshold Forums. In the real world, Matheson enjoys flying in a fleet of Cessna 172SP's as he journeys to the airlines. He particularly enjoys military and commercial aviation.


Thank You for sticking with us through our journey and made what Threshold is today. We would have not achieved so much without your support.

Special Thanks

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