We're Looking for Content Creators to Expand our Media Department

August 6, 2020

As Threshold looks to expand to Microsoft Flight Simulator, the demand for high quality videos increases. Up until this point, our small yet dedicated media department has been able to deliver top notch content to the Threshold audience on all things X-Plane. Though with a new era of flight simulation just around the corner, the need for new and dedicated flight simulation content creators grows and Threshold wants you to be a part of this growth.

Here is a basic rundown of the three positions you can apply for:


As a scriptor, you will be responsible for writing scripts for videos. The script writing position is for anyone who would like to be involved in writing for Threshold but does not see themselves in Threshold's Editorial department. As a scriptor, you will not responsible for editing or recording content but you can choose to involve yourself in the production process. How involved a script writer chooses to be in the production process is up to them. A script writer will be producing a minimum of one video per week.

Video Personality/Content Creator

A content creator is crucial for the production process. A content creator needs to be able to read a script thoroughly concisely. When a script is unavailable, they must be comfortable creating the same quality content as they would with a script. They should have an above-average PC and experience in creating and recording cinematic shots in flight simulators. If you are incapable of creating cinematic shots, you should be prepared to learn. This person should have a high-quality microphone or be ready to purchase one. A content creator will be producing a minimum of one video per week.


An editor may seem like they are only responsible for editing videos but they also need to be a good team communicator. As the last person in the production process, the work that an editor does is final. In light of this, it is essential that they are willing to communicate with other team members involved in the video. All videos are a team effort. This includes checking in with Sol to make sure the video is edited to Threshold standards. You must have experience editing in order to be considered for this position. It is preferred that editors are competent in the Adobe Suite however this is not required. A video editor will be producing a minimum of one video per week.

So, what’s in it for you?

Here at Threshold we offer a number of perks for our members to give back for their great work contributing to the site. These include:

  • Review copies of software provided by the developer
  • Recognised position within the community
  • Behind the scenes news and information about forthcoming products
  • Optional moderating position with our partners (Threshold Forum, 737 Ultimate/Zibo, etc.)
  • Be part of a large, friendly, multicultural team spread across the globe

Think one of these positions is right for you? Read more on our official job listing page and click the "Apply for Position" button to reach our Director of Media, Sol Vashez.

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