Threshold Review: Vertical Simulations Norfolk (KORF)

May 26, 2019

Threshold contributor Jordan Davison takes a look at Vertical Simulations' recently released Norfolk (KORF) scenery for X-Plane 11.

The airport was released around the start of this month, and features:

  • Professional grade orthography that caters to all Ortho4XP sources and has a custom water mask.
  • PBR lighting/taxiways.
  • Newly introduced cargo equipment.
  • Taxiroutes for WT3 and X-Life.
  • 2019 airport layout.
  • 11 different custom streetlights.
  • Custom edge lights/apron lights/cargo flood light generators.
  • Custom ground vehicles.
  • High quality HD trees.
  • Airport traffic (using groundtraffic plugin).
  • Full Autogate support (with additional marshallers at cargo pads).
  • Easy install .exe (for windows users)

Check out the video in the banner above for our full thoughts on the scenery.

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