Week Highlights: Oh my! 31 X-Plane articles; FlyTampa comeback, HotStart to Pocket Rocket and more

Sam Clark
Peter Tram
Sunday, March 3, 2019

The 9th week of 2019 was one of the busiest in a long while, which saw us publish 29 news articles alone (plus an editorial and a review) - so, let’s recap!


Monday was absolutely packed with news, with 7 out of the 29 articles being published that day. It all started with RD Studios and more previews from Riverside and the accompanying Los Angeles Landmarks Pack, followed shortly after by news from Imaginesim, who are now converting Atlanta (KATL) to Laminar’s sim. Also, X-Codr shared an update to his Sedona scenery and Rotate released new previews of the MD-11’s fuel system. CremonaSoft released the first update to their A310 on Monday as well and are joined by MWP Projects, who released their night environment enhancement “Real Lights”.



Moving onwards, vFlyteAir released a major overhaul to their Piper Cherokee 140 Original, v3. UK2000 announced their 16th X-Plane airport, Exeter, which should be releasing within the next 24 hours. Lastly for Tuesday, Vertical-Simulations released their rendition of Corpus Christi Airport (KCRP) - it is now available for just $12.00 USD.



VSkyLabs showed off some progress on their soon-to-be-released ICON A5 amphibian, with the first cockpit shots being released on Wednesday. 737 Ultimate developer Daniel Johnson (also known as DJDragon737) previewed his latest airport, Baltimore, on the same day, followed shortly after by news from our friends at AeroDesign and X-Codr, who in partnership with Threshold released new previews of their Montgomery (KMGM) scenery. FSEnhancer developer Enrico del Bono also featured on newsreels on Wednesday, with the release of custom PBR cockpit textures for the Zibo 737-800.



Thursday brought a small update to Carenado’s C172, bringing it up to v1.2. Also on the update train were ToLiss Simulation Solutions, with version 1.3 of their A319 releasing within hours of each other. JustFlight unveiled their latest X-Plane aircraft too, taking the wraps off the Duchess Model 76, followed immediately afterwards by the release of Frank Dainese’s Cerro Torre/Fitz-Roy scenery in Argentina.



March got off to a flying start with previews of Runway 26 Simulations’ next airport, Miami (KMIA), as well as a major update to Aerosoft and Stairport Sceneries’ Aspen XP airport scenery, notably bringing a winter texture set to the mountainside airport.

Beijing Nanyuan

An exciting new Chinese developer has made its entrance to X-Plane soon after; Star Atlas, who are in the midst of developing not one but two airports, ZSHC Hangzhou Xiaoshan and ZBNY Beijing Nanyuan Airport is finally bringing a touch of magic to a terribly underrepresented region in the X-Plane world. They're one of the first real team to debut and specifically specialise in creating Asian airports.


Tivat, Montenegro

Our friend Pyreegue released his first payware scenery this week too - Tivat, Montenegro has a very challenging circling approach to runway 14 and is now available to X-Plane pilots for just 14 EUR.



By far the largest news of the week came from Descent2View and FlyTampa. The two brands have teamed up to convert the popular ESP developer’s sceneries to Laminar’s sim, starting with Athens (LGAV). Orbx also released Popham Airport, which was announced during the mad rush on Monday.



The weekend brought somewhat of a slow-down in news, but not by much. Firstly, Cooper LeComp of AFM Simulation revealed that their upcoming Pocket Rocket will feature HotStart TBM-style synthetic vision, courtesy of Saso Kiselkov (Totoriko). Colimata celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Concorde with a new preview video and lastly, our friends at Stairport Sceneries revealed to us the release date of their Berlin-Brandenburg scenery - find out more here!


That’s all for this week!

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Happy flying - and have a wonderful day!

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