Weekly News Recap: June 24

Sam Clark
Sunday, June 24, 2018


Welcome to Threshold’s weekly news recap for today the 24th of June, 2018. We aim for this weekly piece to be a collection of all the news that we didn’t get to, as well as where we take a look back at all the headlines from the X-Plane world. The Threshold Weekly News Recap is released every Sunday.

In case you missed it:

Aerobask release their freeware Robin DR401 aircraft, JustSim debut their latest scenery: LTAI Antalya (since when JS have posted more [P3D] previews of the multiplatform scenery), FSFX Packages talk about developing for X-Plane and Carenado release the 690B Aero Commander for X-Plane.

Hsimulators preview mesh editing tool

Brazilian flightsim development team Hsimulators have previewed a new mesh editor for X-Plane. As you may have seen in our recent editorial piece, XP is sorely in need of a good mesh editor.

The announcement was made on the Hsimulators Facebook page and is due for release on the 29th of June. Here is the full announcement:

“Next week, June 29, HSimulators will launch an application that automatically generates Mesh Terrain for X-Plane, in regions that already have Mesh in the X-Plane Global scenario, or in areas that X-Plane does not cover the earth , above the parallel 73 degrees and below the parallel 60 degrees. Depending on the processing power of each machine, hundreds of tiles can be executed, compiled 10 at a time. The user just puts the XES landclass files and the SRTM HGT files into a directory and launches the program. Then just go have a coffee, or as the size of the scenery wait the necessary time. In the end, the program generates the folders already set up for X-Plane 10 and 11. The program's tutorial will provide tutorials on how to handle and repair meshes that contain errors, or that require adjustments to plan the airport area and others in the scenario , where the user wishes. The application will be priced at $29 for amateur use or in freeware programs. For commercial use the interested developer will have to pay 145 dollars.”

PilotPlus EGLC progress update

Scenery developer PilotPlus have gone quiet of late, last announcing work on an update for EGKK Gatwick. The team also have one more project on their hands: EGLC London City. The scenery, which was in early render stage when it was announced back in February, has seen steady progress, with modelling now complete.

In a post on the PilotPlus Facebook page, Joe from PP shows off some of the terminal modelling.


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