Sunday Review: 11/11/18

Alex John
Sunday, November 11, 2018

A marker in airline developments

This week saw new previews and some big releases for X-Plane, including long and short haul aircraft, big and small airports, and more.

Starting things off was RWY26 Simulations’ announcement of Owen Roberts International V2. Serving the Cayman Islands, the airport recently had a new terminal completed, which the update focuses on in addition to improvements in textures, night lighting, and more. The update is free for existing customers.

On the same day, Orbx announced EGKA Shoreham for X-Plane 11. It will be their second UK airport, and John Venema (CEO, Orbx) also stated through the announcement another 11 UK airports will follow in the next 90 days.

Next up, Skyline Simulations released Aviosuperficie Alvaro Leonardi. The scenery covers the city of Terni in Umbria, Italy, and also the Aviosuperficie Alvaro Leonardi, an airport that was awarded best tourist airport in 2010. The airport can be bought from the Threshold Store here.

Aerosoft have shown further previews of GayaSim’s Geona XP, announced two weeks ago. Another scenery in Italy, Geona XP will include 187 square kilometres of photoreal coverage; animated jetways, VGDS and hangers courtesy of SAM; hundreds of custom objects and more.

Later on Wednesday, came this week’s biggest news of the FlightFactor 767 Extended on final approach. We collated images and information from both the announcement on’s forums, and StepToSky’s blog. Less than 24 hours later, the update and Extended package was released.

BlueSkyStar Simulations then helped FlightFactor make more news, this time with the release of their sound pack for the 777. The sound pack, consisting of 850 unique sounds, is available for purchase for $19.99.

The weekend continued airliner news with DreamFoil Creations announcing an Embraer 120 for X-Plane 11. A short haul twin-turboprop aircraft, the 120 was built over 18 years from 1983, and can carry up to 30 people.

Closing off this week’s news is ShortFinal Design, with wintry previews of EDDM released just a few hours ago. Known for his high-quality airports in the United States, SFD’s EDDM is his first outside the US.

The News

VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations’ Autogyro ‘Cricket’ project update

The Autogyro ‘Cricket’ project update is almost completed - a project that has been in development for three years. The aircraft is expected to debut mid-November.

Skyline Simulations' Dash 8-300

Skyline Simulations also released another render of their upcoming Dash 8-300 this week. The aircraft was originally announced seven weeks ago.

Navigraph FlightSimCommunity Survey

And to end on something a little different, why not participate in Navigraph’s FlightSim Community Survey 2018? The survey helps you and developers understand the the usage of flight simulation in general, which can help drive the future of flight simulation.


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