Thranda Quietly Pushes v1.2 Update for JustFlight BAe-146 for X-Plane 11

September 18, 2021


Thranda has quietly released a significant update for the BAe-146 aircraft that they had developed in conjunction with JustFlight for X-Plane 11, the update introduces sweeping new additions to the aircraft systems, bringing its complexity up a notch. Two of the major features included is support for custom FMC through included universal FMC (UFMC) support, and included support for third-party RealityXP GTN750 in the 3D cockpit.

Aside from the two major features, a plethora of bug-fixes was included in the update. Cosmetic issues such as windshield reflections and TMS actuator animations were fixed. A new ground power unit 3D model is included. Functional upgrades are also included such as requiring the oxygen valve to be open for oxygen tests, along with further amendments to the TMS.

Here is the feature list that was distributed through SkunkCrafts Updater:

  • Included UFMC (Custom FMC) support
  • Included support for 3rd party RealityXP GTN750 in 3D cockpit
  • Fixed windshield reflections (no more "ghosting" of taxi lines or exterior reflections)
  • Improved ASI bug manipulator logic
  • Reconfigured positions of instrument displays for better use of panel texture space
  • Created click spot on weather radar screen for 2D pop-up window.
  • Improvements to TMS: Pressing an active mode or TOGA button will return TMS to standby and freeze actuators in place
  • Improved TMS actuator simulation: blue up-arrows and white down-arrows will correctly show whether the pilot needs to increase or decrease throttles
  • TMS actuators will now remain centered when the thrust levers are at idle
  • TMS actuators movement rate is no longer dependent on frame rate
  • Fixed engines #3 and #4 low oil temperature in flight after a cold-and-dark start
  • Added custom commands for the throttle latches, eg. "thranda/switches/ThrottleLatch0"
  • Improved yaw damper control authority
  • Changed pulsating beacon to flashing beacon
  • Improved Engine Overspeed test: If N1 is between 26 and 40%, this will shut down the engine.  This can be reset by either re-starting the engine, or powering down the ESS DC bus.
  • Fixed missing FUEL TRANSFER annunciators.  They will now properly indicate the center tank transfer valve positions.
  • Add missing altitude alert tones
  • Fixed ghosting markers on clock
  • Re-mapped TOGA button on throttles
  • Oxygen test now requires oxygen valve to be open.
  • Added Ground Power Unit model.
  • Fixed potential negative values for airbrake angle when cold and dark with a tail wind.
  • Added limiters to the fuel clickspots in the tablet to prevent over-filling.
  • Reduced fuel flow at idle
  • Fixed transponder code resetting to previous value if ENT key was pressed after entering the code
  • Fixed interior of combi cargo version (Left Door closed from the inside)
  • Fixed TMS error when adjusting TGT temp in TGT mode.
  • Allowing for volume adjustments on vol knobs that are pushed in

The update’s publication surprisingly wasn’t officially announced, it was first publicly discovered by a couple of users who refreshed their SkunkCraft updater plugin. One of the developers in Thranda, Joseph Noe, has later confirmed on an thread that the update is indeed out along with announcing plans to create tutorial videos on using the new UFMC and the various options on the FMC. The update may take a few days for vendors to distribute on their platforms, but one could expect it to be available soon through their channels. For the moment, v1.20 is available through the SkunkCrafts Updater.

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