Update: ToLiSS 319 brought to v1.1

Peter Tram
June 26, 2018

In case you've missed it, a few hours ago, ToLiSS has updated their A319 into v1.1, an update that involves major new features. For current users who already own the ToLiss 319, Version 1.1 is now available through the updater. The latest version will soon be published directly to the .org store we well.

The update to v1.1 introduces major cockpit texture reworking, Colour, reflectiveness, ND brightness knob tick mark, and many other small details are tuned to match the real world counterpart more accurately. Systems wise, there's new Alternate and Direct Law for the FBW systemthe ECAM is also reworked, the logic for display of LDG and TO Memos now simulated more like real life, upon the display of a fault the associated system page is automatically displayed. A new fault injection interface allows easier implementation of failures, with the user able to choose from about 90 system failures to be injected either at a specific point in time or randomly. Sound wise, ToLiSS has enlisted the expertise of Turbine sound studios to produce brand new and completely custom sounds for the CFM engine, along with additional support for third party sound-packs for for the IAE engines.

Major new features:
Minor new features:
Bug fixes:

Source: ToLiss Simulation Solutions Facebook page, X-Plane.org store.