Runway 26 Simulations Announces Pompano Beach Airport (KPMP)

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

It's full speed ahead for Runway 26 Simulations' recent bout of scenery projects, with one released only last week and another on the go already, now a third scenery, Pompano Beach, FL, has been announced.

In a teaser posted on the RWY26 Simulations Facebook page, a lone image shows what looks to be a relatively complete airfield with ground texturing, vegetation and orthophotos added already.

RWY26 have previously released two X-Plane sceneries, the most recent of which, Exuma, dropped just last week. You can find out more about this particular scenery in a previous article.

RWY26 released MYEF - Exuma Int'l, just last week.

Progress on their scratch-built Miami scenery is also a common feature of the group's Facebook page - you can see the latest previews of KMIA here, or check out the aforementioned Facebook page here.

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