New Miami (KMIA) Previews from RWY26 Simulations

Sam Clark
Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Runway 26 Simulations have released further previews of their latest scenery for X-Plane, Miami Airport (KMIA). Initially announced in January this year, progress has seemingly moved very quickly on this latest project, with the latest previews showing fully implemented terminal buildings, night lighting and ground textures.

The new W.I.P. images were released on the Runway 26 Simulations Facebook page a few hours ago.

The largest city in Florida will see some competition in the X-Plane market once this scenery is released, as XP old-timers Nimbus Simulation Studios also have a Miami Airport recreation on sale. In the meantime, see some of the older previews of the new MIA below:

There is no word on release date or feature list at time of writing - as always, Threshold will keep you posted.

You can learn more about RWY26 Miami in one of our previous articles, or see the previews released today on Facebook.

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