Runway 26 Simulations Miami Release Imminent

Thursday, June 6, 2019

It's been a few months since the announcement of Runway 26 Simulations' first American airport for X-Plane, which was shortly followed by another, smaller field in the same state.

Miami International and Pompano Beach are the two sceneries currently on the go from the developer, with new previews of the first surfacing today via the group's Facebook page.

The developer said the following:

"KMIA on final! I'm currently finishing up a few minor things prior to release."

The previous set of previews were released two months ago, in mid-March, showing the airport in a semi-complete state. A selection of those previews have been included below:

You can learn more about Runway 26's Miami Airport in the announcement article from back in January.

Thanks to TheOblivion for suggesting this news over on the Threshold Discord server.

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