Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases the Mitsubishi MU2

October 31, 2023
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Microsoft Flight Simulator releases the Mitsubishi MU2 as its Famous Flyer 7!

The MU2 is now available for FS2020. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries built the MU2, a high-performing turboprop that is primarily used in general aviation and some military operations. It first took flight on September 14th, 1963, and over 700 have been built so far! The MU2 filled the gap in the corporate aviation market for an economical, fast turboprop with state-of-the-art engines. 

Powered by TPE331-6251 Engines, the MU2 typically cruises at FL250 and reaches around 260 knots with a range of 1,450 miles. This version of the MU2 has a seating capacity of four in the rear and has a fully pressurized cabin. It has a service ceiling of 29,590 feet, allowing you to fly above most weather conditions. MU2 also has de-icing equipment and ice detections for flight into known icing conditions. Although equipped with such equipment, the MU2 has a unique ice build-up pattern to keep in mind.

Mitsubishi unconventionally designed the MU2's wing with double-slotted Fowler flaps running the length of the entire wingspan for STOL performance. That design choice canceled out room for conventional ailerons; instead, Mitsubishi went with roll spoilers for roll control. Roll spoilers retain positive control during slow flight without being subjected to aileron snap, delivering smoother operation during rollouts and turbulence. The decision for roll spoilers gives the Mu2 its infamous flight characteristics. 

The MU2 aircraft was built with sturdy and durable landing gear, making it capable of short, non-paved airstrips ops. The Mu2 gets you above the weather and at high speeds. With its STOL abilities, you can choose from a wide variety of landing options. You can now purchase it for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 at a price of $14.99 from the Marketplace. 

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