Digital Replica Cessna 310L Updated to v1.1.2

September 7, 2019

General aviation developer Digital Replica has just announced the release of version 1.1.2 of their first payware aircraft, the Cessna 310L for X-Plane 11.

The last update to the plane was made when the aircraft made the jump to the Store, after previously only being available on X-Aviation. Before that, April saw the 310L get Librain compatibility, among other new features related to weather/icing.

The new Garmin G5 system.

Today's update is mainly for bug squashing, but also some graphical enhancements and modelling improvements, according to the developer. The major addition this time around is a new Garmin G5 PFD and new autopilot.

  • New Garmin G5 PFD and HSI with GFC600 digital autopilot: This includes new features as Flight Director, Electronic Stability & Protection(ESP), Yaw Dumper, etc.
  • SASLS version to 3.7.1 which fixes Linux crash on startup.
  • Reworked interior lights with 3d lights.
  • Passengers light now can be individually turned on or off.
  • Added polygon to the exterior 3D model (nose, and roof). Plus other 3d fixes.
  • Exterior lights reworked.
  • Exterior reflection fixes and improved cockpit textures.
  • Pilot and copilots armrests are movable and seatbelts where added.
  • Navomatic 400 code modified.  Also, GPS follow mode was discarded (we now have the GFC600available).
  • Load Chart now can be toggled to show units in Kg or in lb.
  • Passengers weight now randomly change weight every time they are toggled
  • Added Key Bindings: Navomatic 400 / GFC600 and G5 / Magnetos / Fuel Pumps / Exterior lights.
  • Manual Update and checklist now also in PDF format.
  • There is no more need for the aircraft to be in a specific path for the librain plugin to work.
  • Avionics options changed.
  • Bug, where engines won't start when starting a new flight after the aircraft has crashed, is now fixed.

You can purchase Digital Replica's Cessna 310L for $26.95 from the Store here.

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