Airbus A319 by ToLiss Updated to V1.3.2

Saturday, April 20, 2019

ToLiss' A319, now named the Airbus A319, has received an update that addresses several items. They include performance improvements, several new features around the aircraft, and bug fixes, mostly relating to the systems of the aircraft.

Here's the full changelog:

Major new features:

  • Change product name from ToLiss 319 to Airbus A319 by ToLiss as we are now officially licensed (affects manuals)
  • Large reduction in CPU and GPU workload caused by the ToLiss systems plugin.

Minor new features:

  • Texture, Lighting and 3d rework from Matthew and Totedemac
  • OHP integrated lights are now depending on individual busses, depending on the respective electrical supply. (Try doing the annunciator test on batteries only!)
  • Battery startup now includes the delay that it takes the Battery Charge Limiters to connect the batteries
  • You can now choose to save popup positions from one flight to the next.
  • MCDU does not react instantly to clicks anymore but has a small predefined delay.
  • Added GPWS faults to the failure scenario options
  • Added tire smoke on touch down, engine smoke during start on very cold days, and fire on crash to the particle effects
  • Fine tuned engine heat blur particle effect
  • Cockpit lighting adaptation
  • Doppler effect for external sounds can now be switched ON and OFF

Bug fixes:

  • TCAS now works as it should with online flying clients. (Tested with xivap and xsquawkbox)
  • Removed VFE indication on PFD above 20000ft
  • Fixed a FMS crash when changing SIDs
  • Fixed the flashing behaviour of the QNH/Std indication in the PFD if the selection matches the selected FCU altitude
  • Fixed the default camera position to not be in the seats head rest
  • Improved descent behaviour for descents starting before the T/D
  • Fixed behaviour when pulling the SPD knob AFTER selecting the desired target speed.
  • If you turn off the PFD, the PFD image swaps automatically to the ND correctly now.
  • Trim Air Valves do not swap positions anymore and temperature changes are more gradual.
  • Added correction for DME offsets on ILS DMEs.
  • WX system switch now does what it's supposed to do.
  • Fixed the pitch trim wheel and drum animations

Find the update and announcement thread where the news was posted here. The developer is also on Facebook.

Thanks to Agge in our Discord server for supplying us with the news.

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