FlightFactor Publishes Statement Regarding A320 Ultimate Nearing V1

Alex John
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

FlightFactor's A320 Ultimate is almost ready to be versioned V1, with the publication of a statement by Roman Berezin (ramzzess) on the x-plane.org forum.

Whilst it is already known the A320 is almost ready to be designated V1, FlightFactor has opted to clarify what this will mean for the aircraft, and what is to come after this.

Roman spoke about the current state of the aircraft: "More or less nothing will change from this point forward." Models released as V1 or later by FlightFactor receive incremental updates over time, and the A320 will be no different.

"The A320 ultimate was always a different story, with regards to both the technology used and the way the product was rolled out," continued Roman. "It has its positive and negative sides, but we have what we have. We rolled out the plane into a kind [of] non-beta final over a year ago and said that the version will remain v0.x until we are satisfied without what we have on the market. [Basically], we didn't call it v1 as usual, to remind ourselves and tell the users that there is a list of things that we have to do."

Following on from the release of V1, Roman again said that "nothing will change", reassuring their commitment to add more functionality to the aircraft and continuing to fix bugs.

"... we have the things that we wanted to have and the model is on par with our other non v0.x models. It is VR compatible, we have detachable popouts, we have failures (more to come), etc. etc. there is still a huge lists of things to fix and to add, so the work will not stop.  The beta released today is  a candidate for v1."

Version 0.11.5's changelog was posted to the same forum earlier today, with the below changelog.


  • Pop-out 2D windows


  • Fixed bug with throttle jumped to 30% after reverser button
  • Removed awfull noise after aircraft reload
  • Fixed thrust lever position in cold state
  • Fixed crash on AMD Ryzen processors

The release of V1 will end a long beta period for the aircraft, which has seen numerous versions and updates posted since it was made available to users.

You can view the statement in full here.

In addition to the A320 update, their Boeing 757 Professional was updated today to V2.3.10, bringing a list of additions and fixes with it:

  • Added fix info data for new FPDS displays (radials and circles)
  • Added alt alert zone option
  • Fixed an issue with asymmetric (left/right) behavior on RR engines startup with limited off
  • Fixed the way altimeter minimal pressure is set
  • Fixed an issue with elapsed time
  • Fixed a bug in ISFD with 30 kts minimal speed displayed
  • Fixed FPDS specific checklists
  • Fixed issues with VTM
  • Fixed target speed symbol zoom again
  • Fixed right cdu pop-up clickzone
  • Fixed possible overlap for terr highest and lowest altitudes
  • Fixed little issue in dh&da logic
  • Some fixes for VOR MAN/AUTO logic
  • Allowed to select efis type with engines running

Both updates are available from their respective installers.

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