FlightFactor Releases A320 Ultimate v1.0.7

July 2, 2020

X-Plane aircraft developer FlightFactor has released v1.0.7 of their popular Airbus A320 product. The newest version brings a variety of improvements, quality of life changes, and bug fixes from previous beta versions.

A full list of changes in v1.0.7 is as follows:

  • Inoperable EFB in some cases 
  • Different multi-monitor panels and render issues 
  • Rudder trim stuck after -20deg * Render in OGL mode on X-Plane 11.50 
  • AMU CAB light flash 
  • ISIS position saving 
  • Hiding panels by click on 2D and 3D cockpit panels 
  • Increased takeoff and taxi lights intensity 
  • APU start in flight after dual engine failure 
  • Saving standard and popout panels configuration 
  • Panels resizing 
  • Possible windows positioning out of visible area 
  • Multi-monitor support for different cockpit interaction modes 
  • Keyboard input into EFB in 2D window mode 
  • Auto CabinReady set in the beginning of running before takeoff 
  • Multi-monitor configurations support 
  • Windows resize in pop-out mode 
  • Applying X-Plane UI scaling for new windows

Despite implementing Vulkan compatibility in their B757 and B767 products earlier this month, FlightFactor has not yet brought Vulkan compatibility to the A320 in v1.0.7, nor did they deal with the aircraft’s performance issues.

However, the developer did indicate that Vulkan will be fully supported after X-Plane version 11.50 is final.

Currently, FlightFactor’s A320 can be bought on the X-Plane.org Store for $89.95.

Thank you Geeky.exe, for notifying us of the update on the Threshold Discord server.

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