JARDesign Releases A330 Version 3.2r1

Friday, August 2, 2019

The latest version of JARDesign's Airbus 330 recreation is now available, bringing re-worked APU and ECAM systems, along with numerous bug fixes.

J. A. Romanov, head developer at the group, announced the update on the JARDesign forum yesterday;

“This is next public version of a330 for X-Plane 11. What’s new;”

  • Compatibility with XP 11.35
  • some systems migrate from SASL to VA (Visual Avionics)
  • APU system reworked
  • ECAM action system reworked
  • Rudder (normal law) algorithm improved
  • about 20 minor improvements
  • LDG MEMO not show fixed
  • Before takeoff checklist fixed
  • No firetest sound fixed
  • no MW, MC sound fixed
  • FMGS module updated

The developer has quite a large list of instructions on how to correctly install the new version and some basic troubleshooting tips on the announcement forum post here.

You can purchase the JARDesign A330 for $60.95 from the X-Plane.org Store here.

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