Zibo Mod 3.30: Spilt Scimitars, Satcom & PBR

Sam Clark
Sunday, September 16, 2018

This is a big one folks. The beloved Zibo Mod 737 has received a major update, addressing pretty much all areas of the aircraft. V3.30 adds many new features the community has been yearning for, including the addition of toggleable spilt scimitars, visible SATCOMs, and a totally overahauled 3D model with beautiful PBR.

You can check out the full changelog below (beware, its a long one!)

  • corrected texture switches
  • corrected IRS aligned time
  • corected A/T move
  • add APP geometric descent path mode (optional FULL/APP geo des)
  • corrected landing gear extend/retract times
  • A/P disconnect by input yoke
  • improved LNAV and VNAV code
  • corrected FMC (N1 takeoff thrust page,...)
  • improved EFB mac, mac zfw
  • corrected FMC SPD if drop speed during VNAV descent below 15 kts
  • corrected idle thrust after reach target speed during VNAV descent
  • hold -1000 fpm during VNAV descent (minimal descent rate, if above VNAV path)
  • new EFB with adjusting stand and toggle command hide/show
  • add FMC Boeing type
  • add annunciate FUEL USED on EICAS and Lower DU
  • add block altitude restrict on FMC (LEGS page)
  • add option IRS position entry message during align
  • add option Long LED strobes
  • add paper checklist
  • add custom eletric and manual elevator trim
  • add landing pulselite lights (optional)
  • add winglets types (none, blended, split)
  • add SatCom (none, front, rear, both)
  • add About AviTab icon
  • add LED landing lights (optional)
  • add HUD object (optional)
  • add lock LNAV/VNAV if selected prior to Takeoff mode
  • fixed flap maneuver speed during VNAV descent
  • optional retractable landing lights
  • changed FMC navigation switch (graphics of switch)
  • new FMOD with new PA messages (Europe too)
  • add own speedbrake code
  • add animate in replay mode: throttle levers, speedbrake lever, landing gear lever, flap lever
  • add commands and annunciates for doors
  • corrected duct bleed pressure system
  • corrected altitude alert system

You can download the Zibo/Ultimate 737 at the Threshold forum, the official home of the 737 Ultimate.

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