Toliss Publishes New A340-600 Previews, Shows Flightdeck & Exterior

October 18, 2021

Toliss has taken to their (unofficial) community Discord server to showcase more previews of their upcoming rendition of the Airbus A340-600. Toliss has been known for their Airbus aircraft add-ons that they deliver, and for this, they continue to expand their coverage across Airbus’s aircraft lineup. Demonstrated in these previews is the complete unraveling of the flightdeck alongside a small subset of external previews which obviously aren’t finalized yet. These new screenshots followed a few short weeks of tight-lipped silence.

The Airbus A340-600 is a unique proposition from Airbus, dating back to 1991 when the plane took its first-ever flight to begin Airbus’ next series of aircraft, it’s one of the longest airliners in the world and is the flagship variant of the A340 family. To compete with McDonnell Douglas and manufacturing giant Boeing (both of whom merged later in the coming years), Airbus developed the A340 aircraft to compete with the Boeing 777 series aircraft in both range and efficiency. Unfortunately, the aircraft’s life was short-lived as it couldn’t compete with Boeing’s 777 series and, later, their future 787 series of aircraft.

For Toliss, the A340-600 marks a departure from reliance on purchasing external modeling, as this will be the first release from them that includes visuals built “in-house”, the practice of outsourcing remains a significant vehicle to the completion of the 3d modeling and texturing with the team reportedly hiring several visual artists to work on each part of the modelling and texturing. The result enables the team to take greater control over the visual portion of the add-on. For the A340-600, the team has taken an opportunity to include every crack and crevice they possibly can. 

The highly detailed instrument features include all approaches that the aircraft is capable of, along with adding the 3 MCDU’s (that are present in the real plane) for practical and realistic programming. Not only is there a long list of instrument features, but there are also many 3D features that Toliss has included to enhance the experience further. They have included Animated 3D switches and push-pull switches that emulate the mouse movements, along with proper cockpit night lighting with reading and tray table lights. They have also modeled the cabin to a 4 class system with the inclusion of underfloor lavatories and crew rest areas. You can see the complete feature list on the .Org Store.

The aircraft is set to release on October 25th at the .Org Store. No price has been confirmed from Toliss, but needs not to be said, the current price specified on the product page will not be the set price for the product. You can follow all of Toliss’s development updates on their self-titled unofficial Discord server. You can also find Toliss’s other aircraft on the .Org Store as well.

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