Preview: First exterior shots of the JARDesign A340

Sam Clark
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

JARDesign, developer of aircraft such as the A320, A330-200 and countless other small plugins like Ground Handling HD, have released new screenshots of their upcoming A340-500 for X-Plane. It seems to be that the texturing will be completely redone as the team is re-baking the ambient occlusion for their A340 model. The A340 shares many of the A330’s features, such as the wings and the fuselage design, JARDesign's a340 rendition is the -500 series, previously holding the title as the "world's longest range airliner" with the 777-200LR taking the title later on.

The JARDesign team has previous teased users of the A340’s cockpit modelling.

The new images are 3d renders, revealing the almost complete model of the quad-engined airliner. The team has stated that the texturing process will begin shortly and that the systems are around 60% completed.

Posted in the JARDesign Facebook group, Evgeny Romanov captioned;

JARDesign JD340 In Progress Ambient occlusion before texturing.

It will be interesting to see what the final result will look like, from these previews- it seems that they’re doing what they do best: great and detailed visuals. And it looks like they're beginning to model into the wheel well in detail too!

We’ll be closely watching this project.

See the post here.

Follow JARDesign's a340 progress in this forum threadL

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