Update: UK2000 Edinburgh To Release June 2

Scott Havener
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Edinburgh airport for X-Plane by UK2000 will be out in a week from Saturday! The next in a long line of detailed and successful UK sceneries, this one looks to be just as good as the rest! Here's their announcement post, but you can see the entire post below!

"Hi all,

After some thorough testing and a few minor delays, we are happy to announce the release date for Edinburgh for X-Plane.

This will be released on Saturday 2nd June.

Here are the features that are going to be implemented on initial release:

-Custom Light fx's and halo's.

-Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are selecting in the UI.

-Ground routes for AI (WT3)

-Physical Based Rendering

-Specular lighing

-Autogate safedock and jetways

-Default static AI support

-Sloped runways

On top of the pre-conversion features:

-Full detail Buildings

-Realistic Ground Markings

-Hi Res ground image

-UK Runway markings

-Stunning Night Effects

-3D Approach Lights

-Dozens of Airport Vehicles

-Excellent Frame Rates

-Runway Wigwags

-Full set of signs


-Grass edge effects

Again, this will all be £16.99.

As usual, here are some final screenshots before the release... Enjoy!"

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