Zibo 737-800 Updated to Version 3.40

Sam Clark
Saturday, March 21, 2020

The famed Zibo Mod 737-800X has seen yet another update today, bringing it up to version 3.40, complete with options for flight load/save and save states for weight settings.

New failures such as flap and speedbrake overspeed are also added this update, complimenting those brought out in September 2019 with 3.34. While that appears to be the extent of the new features in 3.40, previously added systems have been fleshed out.

For example, support for passenger number selection have been improved vastly. You can now be much more precise in passenger loading, for the first time allowing for children and women to be supported. These have the prefixes: "MF" - kids and "M" for women.

Other various fixes and tweaks comprise the majority of the rest of the changelog, such as changes to autoland and system adjustments. The full changelog is available below:

  • improved flight model 4.2 by Twkster
  • add option LOAD/SAVE FLIGHT (thanks to JBrik for new icons)
  • add layout/standard weight settings to EFB (values saved to livery folder with Quick save)
  • add missing data for TRIM calculation
  • add option "Flight director helper" to EFB
  • add variation for MMR backlight (white)
  • fixed bugs (calculate turn radius, "CI"/"VI" legs for RW waypoint...)
  • add commands for transponder and autobrake position
  • add V1 digital on PFD when V1 is out of scale
  • add TCAS RA messages
  • new code for descent idle path with forecast descent QNH
  • fixed bug for VSD (wrong data sended to TerrainRadar plugin) - thanks to Dr.Gluck
  • new modeled failures (flaps overspeed, speedbrake overspeed,...)
  • assymetric flaps protection
  • improved and fixed hold pattern code (dynamic hold pattern depend of speed/altitude)
  • corrected systems (temp zones, optional: REF on PFD,  TCAS rings,...)
  • improved code for LNAV (turn to radius)
  • add support more formats for entry pax (for ex. MF5 = 5 kids, M12 = 12 women,...)
  • add support 1000s format for entry payload and fuel (1000s is used when you use key <.>, for ex. 5.6 = 5600)
  • add CG Envelope, weight for FAs and galleys
  • CG Envelope page: corrected CG graph, add weights (BEW, OEW, ZFW, LW, TOW/GW)
  • add calculation CG by Pax Layout
  • changed Pax Layouts to fixed Pax Layouts 160/180/187/189 (pax)
  • add direct entry number of pax (men only)
  • corrected N1 limit page depend of aspirated or non aspirated TAT probe
  • gently tuned Autoland
  • corrected weight for calculate OPT/MAX altitude
  • added missing data for adjust Vspeeds (by runway wind/slope for 24k/22k)
  • fixed bug in code for fill fuel tanks
  • fixed bugs (overspeed warning, RNP, InitRef feature, electric...)
  • new code for calculation prediction fuel
  • new code for calculation T/C
  • reworked menu in EFB
  • fixed small bugs

Whilst that's all for version 3.40, as always with Zibo, watch this space for more improvements and new features. Threshold will keep you posted.

Download the new update from the Zibo Mod Google Drive here.

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