Refuelling, New Electrical, and Failure Systems Added to Zibo B737-800X

September 13, 2019

The developers behind the Zibo B737-800X have released what can be considered a major update for the popular aircraft.

Version 3.36.4 follows on from 3.36 released a week ago, which saw new airstairs, navigational aids such as GLS, and more.

In today's update meanwhile, new (some temporary) static pages have been added to the FMC, a new electrical system has been implemented, a failures system has been introduced, and also a new refuelling system is in place.

Work-in-progress preview of the fuel, payload and CG screen from 3.36.3. Credit: Nico du Bruyn through the ZIBO Community Group

This is the changelog for the latest version, which is now available for download:

  • Add pages to FMC (some pages have static datas yet)
  • New electric system (modeled all basic buses, TR Units, Relays / all devices, systems,... are not connected to correct bus yet)
  • Add failures system (electric/hydraulic/systems... see EFB main menu) - only electric is working
  • Add refuel system (see EFB ground services menu)
  • Add Fueltruck and icons for Fueltruck, Failures... (thanks to JBRIK)
  • Fixed small bugs
Work-in-progress preview of failures screen on the EFB from 3.36.3. Credit: Nico du Bruyn through the ZIBO Community Group
Work-in-progress preview of electric failures screen from 3.36.3 on the EFB. Credit: Nico du Bruyn through the ZIBO Community Group

The update is available to download through the usual methods, along with instructions and further information through this link.

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