737 Ultimate Team Updates the 737-900 to 1901

Alex John
Thursday, February 14, 2019

The 737-900 Ultimate made by the Ultimate team has today been updated to version 1901 as a beta. The update brings the 737-900 in-line with the 737-800 systems-wise, and its liveries have received several modifications.

The update specific to the 737-900 is below:

  • Changes are identical to 737-800 current version regarding systems, cockpit elements etc.
  • Fixed / updated winglet/tail/satcom mapping to be exactly the same as in 737-800 & 737-700
  • Touched up a few liveries
  • Better PBR for United belly
  • Updated CFG files for all stock liveries
  • Included liveries in download (no extra download anymore)
  • Added SELCAL plates for all stock liveries
  • Added "documentation" folder with (partially outdated) manual PDF & info chart about how to best use preset views

The 737-900 now has version 3.34 of the systems of the Zibo 737-800. The change log of 3.34 is as follows:

  • Fixes / updates to roof textures- fixes / updates roof PBR
  • Create placards
  • Created decals (seats, rope & bulb compartments, latch window)
  • New icing texture- slight edits to seats (gray material found in most cockpits vs. cream one)
  • Roof: new grills, new compartments, removal of artifacts, removal of placards and stickers
  • Maximum compression of 4k PBR files

Other updates:

  • Otimised code for calculation VNAV descent path
  • Tuned Skiselkov rain effect
  • Fixed bugs (RA CIRC,...)

One item to also point out is the use of additional view presets, the source of which can be found in the documentation folder alongside the manual inside the aircraft root folder:

You can view the announcement here, and download revision 1901 of the 737-900 Ultimate at the Threshold forum here.

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