IXEG 737 Classic Updated to Version 1.31

Saturday, June 6, 2020

The team behind the 737-300 Classic for X-Plane, International X-Plane Engineering Group have released the first update to the aircraft following their huge update to version 1.3.

More information on this update can be found in our previous article.

In the update released today, the main changes included fixing a bug where BetterPushBack wasn't working. The full changelog can be found below.

Also included were some improvements done by the team like a total makeover of many manipulators in the cockpit for optimal mouse and VR use. Another new feature with the update is the option to remove "ghost throttle" symbology and a separate VRconfig.txt for optimal VR compatibility. 

Here is the full changelog:

Bug fixes: 

• Fixed mouse wheel scroll direction for all manipulators • Various Gizmo Beta Changes/Fixes 

• Fixed the first digit of engine #2 manual N1 setting indicator to bleed over to engine #1 

• Removed "C x 100" labelling from Fuel Flow gauges 

• Fixed two screws missing (CPTs EHSI frame and overhead panel) 

• Stopped stick shaker assembly from clipping into footrest cover 

• Re-enabled BetterPushback to work with this plane 

• Enabled auto thrust to set correct N1 at high-altitude airports for takeoff 

• Fixed texture see-through bug with leather flaps on side of instrument panels 

• Re-enabled lit texture for writing on the mode control panel 

• Hooked up right-side N2 and FF carrots of electronic instrument version to correct engine again 

• Fixed movement direction for rudder pedals 

• DC meter selector on BAT will now show battery voltage even if BAT switch is off 


• Tweaked "fur" texture of pilots seats to avoid the "see-through" effect near edges 

• Removed further "texture bleed" cases of bad UV mapping (APU fire control box in the wheel well) 

• Changed and improvement manipulators for the flap and speed brake handles (more intuitive to use, hits detents better)

• Tweaked APU fuel use logic (draws from left side fuel manifold when running, according to fuel system setup and pressures) 

• Increased EDG oil temperatures a bit to avoid needle being pegged at the left edge of the gauge 

• Several improvements to initialization setting of switches and rheostats (lights, TCAS/Transponder, DH, Radar system, etc...) 

• Changed click spots for sun visors in eyebrow windows to the actual lanyards 

• Allow use of "ground services" menu while in motion or even in-flight for fuel, weight and CG adjustment 

• Various minor texturing/UV tweaks 

• Total makeover of many manipulators in the cockpit for optimal mouse and VR use. 


• Added option to remove "ghost throttle" symbology 

• Added option to have a mouse manipulator to move both thrust levers simultaneously (for VR or mouse fliers). 

• Added option to use two separate hardware axis for throttles (no locking lever at idle). 

• Added VRconfig.txt for optimal VR compatibility 

• User-created PBD (Place / Bearing / Distance) waypoints implemented on LEGS and RTE page

You can purchase this aircraft on X-Aviation, where you also can re-download the aircraft to obtain the latest update to receive the new features. The update is free for all users who have previously bought the aircraft. Read more about the latest update in this article.

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