SSG 747-8 Series Updated to v1.9.2

Sam Clark
Sunday, May 12, 2019

The 747-8 series developed by VMAX and the Supercritical Simulations Group has been updated to v1.9.2, ahead of the looming version 2, previewed numerous times in the last few months.

1.9.2 was quietly pushed out to all three variants of the aircraft earlier today. The update doesn't have a very long changelog, adding some details to the APU section and tuning of the flight model.

Here's the relatively brief list of changes:

  • Fixed APU GEN switch engagement for electrical system.
  • FMC load 1.9.1
  • Tuned performance for all engines.
  • Tuned flight dynamics.
  • Added  map range commands.
  • Added APU heat blur with particle effects

SSG have recently confirmed they're working on version 2 of the 747 series, with numerous postings of the exterior, and more recently, the systems currently in development.

You can learn more about the SSG 747-8v2 in a previous article.

The 748i by SSG is available for $45.00 USD (passenger or freight), or $55.00 USD for a combo pack.

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