[Edited] Cockpit Previews of SSG's 747-8 V2

Sunday, May 5, 2019

[Edit 2245z: Images of the overhead panel have since been shown.]

The developer Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) has dropped the first previews of the 747-8 V2 cockpit, with no additional information attached. The four previews posted on the announcement thread shows some of the screens with a couple of system statuses displayed, autopilot control panel, independent FMC screens, and the modelling and texturing they are surrounded by:

Later on, images of the overhead panel were posted, accompanied with the following statement in reply to another user:

"The MCDU is ready but not final texture , then it still old, the new will be in place in future wips. All 3d cockpit is new and much well accurate .there is a lot of   textures  are not the final release although it is 4k and there is a  custom SSG boeing fonts. some differences few people will see some will not see the difference. like the fonts, 2 independent  MCDUs and a very high  display resolution with custom very well done  proper fonts in all the project. it is the Eye candy, then overhead systems is almost , I mean 90 % simulated and 100% checklist and procedures that includes the complete  fire system check and arming plus fuel procedures, may some will expect new cockpit colors or  some thing that,  but what will find will be a much more complete and accurate version with some more features and new 3D design 4K  updated  new totally  dynamic lighting in the cockpit.  above I will publish  few overhead pictures. for MCDU, FMC  aviate and navigate you guys can expect, a new PFD with new resolution more complete and integrated with the  FMC , IRS, Rnav approaches.

"I am only publishing parts that is more advanced to avoid comments about what is done and what do not, the point must be what will be, and what to expect. Thanks."

The first images of V2 of the 747-8 were published earlier this year. They are available to view here. V2 is a complete overhaul, described as "not a mere update, this will be a whole new aircraft."

The developer is also on Facebook - follow them here.

Many thanks to Discord user IamMrPickles69 in our Discord user. You may join the X-Plane discussion in our server here.

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