Felis Boeing 747-200 Further Development Updates

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Since our last article on Felis’ B747 Classic, he has been hard at work on the project. Newly completed features include the pedestal and the flight engineer's panel. Announced almost a year ago the project has been worked on for a while with the recent completion of the main panel.

One of the most recently completed features is the pedestal, including the SELCAL panel (see below) and the Throttle along with the speed brakes and flaps.

The main event though is certainly the Flight Engineer’s Panel, which is now finished. Being modelled in 3 main stages (lower, middle, upper), it has now been completed and features all the gauges found in the original aircraft.

Andrey is now going to “return to the cockpit and add a lot of small details”

You can follow the ongoing development on the X-Plane.org forum here.

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