Flight Factor 757 Update adds VR Support

By: Alex John
September 29, 2018

Flight Factor have updated their 757 Professional to version 2.2.5, from 2.1.3! Highlights of the update include VR support, graphical improvements, failure scenario system and more.

It was stressed users will need to re-configure the aircraft options from scratch, and re-download any livery packs purchased that take advantage of the graphical improvements. Additionally, 2.2.5 is not compatible with X-Plane 10.

The full change log of the update:

Users can download the update through the X-Updater client in the existing installation. The original announcement can be found here.

Is the 757 in your hanger? If not, the 757 Professional can be purchased here with $14.00 off! (Or here for the extended edition with the -300 and -RF versions)