Flight Factor 757 Update adds VR Support

Alex John
Saturday, September 29, 2018

Flight Factor have updated their 757 Professional to version 2.2.5, from 2.1.3! Highlights of the update include VR support, graphical improvements, failure scenario system and more.

It was stressed users will need to re-configure the aircraft options from scratch, and re-download any livery packs purchased that take advantage of the graphical improvements. Additionally, 2.2.5 is not compatible with X-Plane 10.

The full change log of the update:

  • added VR (oculus and vive) compatibility with two mode, native and custom. Please see manual!
  • added a VR test page to test VR controllers configuration
  • added new vehicles
  • added an ability to control nose wheel from the cockpit lever
  • added plane loading and unloading on command
  • added support of loading co-routes in ICAO format, see the manual for details
  • added custom gear sequencing, now fully custom and close to reality
  • implemented new lighting technology in the cockpit
  • implemented a new failure scenario system - allows one to build large scale scenarios with failures events
  • implemented missed ADI&HSI options
  • made several visual and texture fixes
  • made it so the spoiler shacking effect is now dependent on SHAKE ON TURB checkbox
  • made available direct-to via the first line in legs in non original variants
  • made changes to 3d lighting in the cockpit
  • made some minor graphical changes to the exterior
  • made some changes to the in-cockpit sounds (more 3d)
  • The CDU FIX page has been improved, now you can enter both: brg and dist at the same time to draw both things on the ND, circle and radial at the same time
  • tunned the autothrottle to bring it closer to reality
  • improved pos update logic (dead reckoning)
  • improved vnav profile calculation stability
  • graphical fixes in the cockpit
  • fixed elevator animation
  • fixed nav light
  • fixed cabin door
  • fixed nose wheel steering
  • fixed text lighting on MCP
  • fixed some issues with pushback
  • fixed the issues with tiller and pedal algorithms
  • fixed tilt indication on EHSI
  • Remote CDU: Fixed double-entering symbols by one touch on Android devices
  • Remote CDU: Fixed rendering the square symbol as emoji on mobile devices

Users can download the update through the X-Updater client in the existing installation. The original announcement can be found here.

Is the 757 in your hanger? If not, the 757 Professional can be purchased here with $14.00 off! (Or here for the extended edition with the -300 and -RF versions)

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