FlightFactor Releases Minor Update for Boeing 757 Professional

September 12, 2019

A small update for FlightFactor's Boeing 757 Professional has been made public, following the release of the FPDS avionics six days ago.

The Flat Panel Display System avionics is part of a retrofitted cockpit used by airlines such as Icelandair, FedEx and American Airlines.

Version 2.3.7 makes several adjustments to the avionics, which are listed below:

  • Changed alt disagree msg logic for fpds
  • Set alt symbol step as 20 and vs symbol step as 50
  • Inversed vtk indication
  • Fixed terrain peaks overlap vtk symbol
  • Fixed target speed symbol zoom
  • Decreased yoke reflection on fpds displays
  • Fixed issue when popped up and out fpds displays are not updated if view is outside
  • Revised defaults for avionics options for fpds
  • Added an option to transfer some v-speeds from fmc to fpds efis
  • Fixed ils symbol

Existing users can download this update through the X-Updater included with the aircraft.

The FPDS upgrade is available for U.S. $20. Further information about upgrade options is available to view through this forum thread.

Threshold also had the honour of conducting an interview with FlightFactor about the general operations of the company, the 757 FPDS upgrade, and even the 777 V2. You can view the interview here.

The changelog is sourced from the initial release post six days ago.

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