Magknight B787-9 Aviator Edition Updated to V1.2

Alex John
Monday, May 13, 2019

The Boeing 787-9 by Magknight has been updated to V1.2.1. The update primarily concerns the fuel and hydraulics systems, and contains numerous bug fixes, additions and other changes that can be seen below.

The lengthy changelog can be viewed below, including the links to the item on Github:


  • Spoilers now deflect downwards with flaps
  • Flaps/Slats scheduling
  • Flaperons deploy with spoilers
  • Increased logging for Java App
  • Basic ISFD
  • Fuel system
  • Hydraulics system
  • EICAS messages associated with new modes
  • Further VATSIM CPDLC logic and outputs for HDG, ALT and SPD
  • Custom EFIS pages for new and old systems
  • Cockpit lighting


  • FLCH button illuminated when not enabled
  • APU now provides power at 95% N1
  • Issues with location of livery settings files on Mac/Linux
  • EFB derate errors multiplying
  • Engine 1 starter
  • Control surfaces are at lowest position when depressurised
  • Slats are now all metal
  • Screens dim incorrectly
  • Ailerons Move to far 'up'
  • Spoilers can't deploy to 100% whilst airborne
  • Flaperons should droop on takeoff roll
  • TAT display on EICAS shows OAT
  • Slats should be all metal
  • Type of flaps changed in flight model
  • Spoilers Deploy when armed on ground
  • Updated native plugin to improve startup and shutdown reliablity


  • Starters don't engage fuel
  • Hydraulics pressurisation times
  • Reduced reverse thrust as per new data
  • Tuned airfoils to function better at high angles of attack
  • EFB now stores values persistantly
  • EFB now transfers CG to calculator page
  • Dataref assignments to allow for future soundpack
  • Now saves values from the ACFT SETUP page in livery settings files.


  • Navdata is now avilable on the store page, and is not shipped by default


  • Custom sounds for APU and AC

The Magknight 787-9 began life as freeware, before transitioning to payware. It was later re-branded as the B787-9 Aviator Edition, and costs US $44.95 (link to store page here). Future updates will include a custom FMC and a lot of remodelling of the aircraft. The source of the changelog can be found here.

Thanks to our friend doudoualexou for pinging us the release in our Discord server.

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