A2A Simulations’ Comanche 250 for MSFS Enters Beta Testing

January 26, 2023

A2A Simulations made a forum post announcing their upcoming Piper Comanche 250 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has entered beta testing, with some new features still in the works. 

There’s not a lot of information regarding the features, but they have added a quote from a beta tester who claims to love the texturing, sounds, animations, and the EFB. On their original cockpit screenshots thread, A2A stated it’s going to be the best airplane they have ever made in every aspect (physically, visually, and aurally). 

The Comanche 250 is a light single-engine, four-seat aircraft produced by Piper Aircraft, first introduced in 1961 as an upgrade to the earlier Comanche 180 model, featuring a more powerful engine and improved performance. Powered by a 250hp Lycoming IO-540-K1A5 six-cylinder engine, it can cruise at 200 mph with a range of up to 800 miles. Known for its sleek design and advanced aerodynamics, it provides a smooth and stable flight experience. It was in production until 1972, formerly quite popular among private pilots, flight schools, and air taxi companies.

The release date and pricing are still unknown, but Threshold will keep you updated!

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