iniBuilds Announce A310 for MSFS in Dev Update #16

October 1, 2021

The development update started with a brief mention regarding X-Plane 12 compatibility after the announcement at FSExpo last weekend. With the announcement of X-Plane 12 last week at Flight Sim Expo, third party developers are yet to get betas to transfer products but iniBuilds stated “As soon as we do, we will let you know (when we can of course!).” They also have confirmed that new features/improvements won’t stop.

First to be addressed in today’s update was the iniSimulations Beluga ST. Four new cargo options will be coming in the next update along with enhanced CPDLC features, previously showcased on the A310, as well as “the experimental flight model auto-enabled for the upmost convenient flying experience!”. Still, on the topic of X-Plane, an update on the A300V2 is still in the works and iniBuilds have “fantastic things to showcase, in the next few weeks!” You can read more about the features that will be coming in the previous announcement post.

Next up in today's announcement was a brief mention of iniManager, iniBuild’s new downloader for their in-house and partner products. After a slight amount of confusion from some after the trailer dropped this week, it was reassured to users that the current DRM would remain in place. iniBuilds assured users that the main goal of the new downloader is simplifying installation and updating for products. 

After the amazing response to iniScene Queenstown, iniScene will be heading into the world of X-Plane 11/12 to bring Queenstown. The small airport is located on the South Island of New Zealand and we can rest assured that iniScene “will be releasing the XP version at some point this year!”. A final note from the iniScene team states that work on Beauvais (LFOB) and other projects are continuing and that they “hope to showcase something later this month for an international airport in the USA.”

Rounding off today’s development update, iniBuilds has announced the iniSimulations A310-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The classic aircraft, and already a fan favourite in X-Plane, sees the plane making its way to MSFS. Remastered to make use of the advanced rendering options in MSFS, the A310 is guaranteed to deliver top-tier visuals.

The iniBuilds A310 will also see the first high-detail long haul airliner being brought to MSFS, with previous airliners only being utilised for regional operations. 

Previews shared today showcase not only the stunning exterior visuals but also the work-in-progress systems to come with the A310. The first preview of the hydraulic display on the ECAM can be found below.

A brief final mention was given to iniBuilds’ “secret project”, which is yet to be revealed. It was stated that the aircraft was making excellent progress and “if all goes to plan we should be showcasing her before the end of the year”.

iniBuilds can be found in their Discord Server.

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