FlightFactor Releases A320 Performance Update

February 11, 2021

FlightFactor has taken to their social platforms to announce the highly awaited performance update for their A320 aircraft has been released as a beta. The update takes the aircraft to version beta 1.1.17, brings many fixes to the aircraft including fixing crashes when using holds alongside the headliner performance boost.

Shortly before releasing the update, FlightFactor also shared a Tweet with further improvements to the MCDU and ND systems. Although being vague, the post hinted towards improvements to the Fix Info systems with four preview images shared. A timescale for the improvements to be completed or any further details on possible other improvements to ship with the update were disclosed so far. Find all the previews on the FlightFactor Twitter Page.


The update to the aircraft has been celebrated by many members of the community after many users have been plagued by poor FPS ever since release. The update has dramatically improved frame rates for many users, who have been reporting gains in the range of 5-15 (improvements may depend on your system).

Here’s the full changelog:


  • Some performance optimization
  • Panel hotkeys now are optional in EFB


  • Fixed axis curves input
  • SpeedBrake bound key fix
  • Fixed crash after clicking HOLD button on point just before PPOS
  • Get rid of artefacts when using RainEffect on OpenGL

Users who own the aircraft and wish to update to the beta are to run the included X-Updater.jar file and check the beta box to be updated to the latest public beta version.

The FlightFactor A320 can be purchased for $89.95 from the X-Plane.org store.

To keep up to date with FlightFactor developments, you can join their Discord Server.

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