New Update to JARDesign's A320 Available

Sunday, August 4, 2019

A new update is available to the JARDesign A320. V3.4 adds a brand new FMGS, SATCOM model and several bug fixes, which are expanded upon below.

  • X-Plane 11.35 compatible
  • Brand new FMGS installed
  • HOLD at Fix point fixed
  • Incorrect sys disp page fixed
  • Acceleration on descend fixed
  • METAR info reading fixed
  • On-screen GPU button add
  • Add MCDU MENU -> SETTINGS options
  • Add SATCOM 3d model
  • FMGS module updated

The update is available for free for existing users. Otherwise, it is available to buy through for US $49.95.

Additional details on how to install can be found here.

The JARDesign A320 has been available for X-Plane for several years, and is the most-flown payware aircraft in X-Plane 11, according to current statistics from Laminar Research. The developer is also working on an Airbus A340-500. Progress on the aircraft has slowed due to the 3D modeller being occupied with other things however.

To connect with JARDesign, you may join their Facebook group here.

Thank you to trooperMNG for tipping us off in our Discord server.

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