BlueSkyStar Simulations Releases ToLiss A321 CFM Sound Pack

November 20, 2020

Popular sound designer in X-Plane BlueSkyStar Simulations (BSS) known for their high-quality audio packs has released a new sound pack for the ToLiss A321, specifically for the CFM engine type. 

The developer has opted to not include a full feature list of this product, however, the description states the sound pack contains “high quality interior/exterior sound samples fully designed and modeled from frequency, pitch, volume, cone data and natural fading.” 

A 360-degree sound environment has been recorded directly from real-world CFM56 engines, on both the exterior and interior of the aircraft, the sound will act accordingly depending on where you’re seated in the aircraft, creating a realistic feel. 

The sounds were recorded on multiple different flights to “create CFM56 engine model with linear data and sounds from fan and booster, compressor, exhaust, thrust reversers, turbine's LPT and HPT.” Worth noting as well, the BSS IAE Main Soundpack is required for the CFM sounds to work. Lastly, the developer has included a couple of sound packs for different airline announcements. 

BlueSkyStar Simulations' ToLiss A321 CFM sound pack can be found on the store for $10.00.

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