AirfoilLabs Updates King Air 350 for X-Plane 11

April 16, 2021

AirfoilLabs has released update 1.5 for the King Air 350 for X-Plane 11. This update focuses on adding new features and fixes from previous updates and its initial release in early April 2019.

This update implements many new features and tweaks including a brand new quick view system, tuned power and over-torque performance, and more.

The team commented on the new quick look feature, stating that the feature “should significantly reduce the workload for the pilot during critical phases of the flight.”

They continued: “All IFR pilots will welcome adjustments they made to both the FMS, G530 and Reality XP avionics, where the EHSI will display correct information from the Flight Plan. Changes were made also to the A/P, which is now less sensitive to disengage during heavy turbulence, systems such as De-icing, various switches operations now feel more real-like.”

AirfoilLabs has included the features list shown below:

New Features

  • New Quick Look system
  • Quick view mapping, the pilot does not have to hold the key to stay in the outside view
  • zThe aircraft is less prone to over-torque
  • When switched to single momentarily, surface de-ice is powered for 10s until the de-ice cycle completes
  • The Exit switches are now spring-loaded to the neutral/middle position
  • The voltmeter is spring-loaded from BAT to TRIPLE FED
  • Wipers park is spring-loaded
  • An only slight movement in rudder pedals when the aircraft is at a stop
  • The fueling nozzle can be locked during refuelling. Once full, it will disengage automatically
  • Performance Engine power slightly adjusted
  • Performance The aircraft is less prone to over-torque
  • Adjusted ground effect, aircraft won't float so much during the flare
  • Added on/off commands for each and every Two-State Switch in the aircraft for better HW mapping. So far only toggle commands were supported
  • Bleed Fail Annunciators implemented
  • ALT SELECT PANEL added in the A/P pop-up window
  • AFL side panel implemented delay function

Bug Fixes

  • W&B fixed the issue where passenger showed instead of cargo
  • Walking during flight disabled. The pilot won't fall out of the aircraft anymore when he/she decides to stand up during flight
  • Added VR configurations
  • The issue which occurred during aircraft towing fixed
  • Aircraft sliding while taxiing in harsh meteorological conditions
  • Sun visor not positioned on its rails
  • Issues with Co-pilot callouts fixed
  • FHD resolution
  • Ability to map external views to NUM keys
  • Triple-fed bus 1V less when fed from the battery
  • EHSI now displays correct information from the FPL (GTN + G530 + FMS). EHSI will now show the correct waypoint and distance from FPL (works for all avionics options)
  • EHSI will now display the FPL when in MAP mode (For FMS and G530 option)
  • Low fuel pressure annunciators fixed in crossfeed
  • Altimeter BARO adjusted, the issue with high QNH setting fixed
  • The A/P is too sensitive to turbulence / often disconnects itself
  • A/P climb, descent tweaked
  • Maximalized A/P pop up window which did not show correct values

The team even included a list of work in progress features which will be implemented at a later date:

  • Reality XP GTN 750 FPL does not show in the EHSI when in MAP mode
  • Not possible to control the aeroplane with VR controllers
  • The whole failure system, this feature is under development and will be released at a later stage
  • Aircraft performance to be added into the flight manual

You can purchase the AirfoilLabs King Air 350 on the X-Plane Store for $49.95.

In other AirfoilLabs news, the team unveiled work on a C-47/DC-3 almost a year ago, which has been recently followed up with more work-in-progress images.

A Cessna 172 NG is also in development, which is to build on the success of their 172 SP that has been a long-standing aircraft in the payware scene.

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