Aerobask Release Epic E1000 G1000

Alex John
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Aerobask have released a new version of their Epic E1000, complete with a G1000 avionics suite. The aircraft is an all-composite, single-engine aircraft, capable of carrying six people.

The aircraft comes with the following features:

Aerobask quality 3D model

  • Completely reworked and re-scaled exterior and interior model
  • New 4K PBR textures
  • 11 stunning liveries out of the box
  • Color-matching interior based on livery
  • White (for painters) and Lo-res liveries available through Aerobask website
  • Smooth and VR-friendly manipulators

Professional Flight model

  • New flight model by X-Aerodynamics
  • Tested by actual owner Gianfranco Somma of Somma Aviation
  • Matches latest certification prototype performance

High quality sounds

  • full FMOD environment by Daniela Rodriguez Careri
  • samples from real PT-6 engine
  • in-game volume control without pausing the sim

Enhanced Laminar G1000

  • Integrates new XP11.30 GFC700 autopilot
  • Custom MFD PT-6 engine parameters (on PFD in reversion mode)
  • Optional mouse, scrollwheel and dialpad support for easy data input
  • Optional keyboard support for dialpad and flight plan input
  • Custom detachable popups with fixed ratio and all optional features above
  • Note: some of the optional features may need VR-mouse at the moment

Deep system emulation

  • Realistic engine startup procedure
  • Implements new XP11.30 boots-based wings and stabilizer de-icing system
  • Implements new XP11.30 oxygen system for emergencies
  • Functional breakers, with configurable reliability
  • Fully simulated MD302 Standby Attitude Module

Special effects

  • Rain and windshield icing using librain plugin from Saso Kiselkov
  • Dynamic reflections
  • custom heat blur effect on both sides
  • custom engine twin-contrails


  • Avitab tablet, with integrated options panel
  • Detachable and VR-friendly 2D options panel
  • Preferences, fuel and payload saved between flights

The Epic E1000 G1000 can be picked up from the store for $34.95. Previous owners should look out for an email with a discount code to use if they wish to purchase this aircraft.

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