Aerobask announce Epic E1000 with G1000

Sam Clark
December 13, 2018

Aircraft developer Aerobask have announced their next X-Plane project, the Epic E1000 with a G1000. The Epic E1000 is an American single-engine, six-seat, turboprop light aircraft and is in development by Epic Aircraft in Oregon.

The aircraft is still under development and had it's first flight in December 2015. It features a single 1825hp Pratt & Whitney turbo-prop and can reach a top speed of 602 km/h.

"We expect to release soon a new version of our E1000. The G1000 Edition, with Touch Screen feature.The aircraft is rebuilt."

Aerobask announced the project via their YouTube channel with a short preview video. It shows off the cockpit and un-textured exterior modelling. They have since released more information on their Facebook page.

To see the full video about Aerobask's E1000/G1000, see their YouTube channel. Alternatively, see their existing E1000 (without the G1000) here.