Aerobask Shows Off a New Preview of their Falcon 8X

January 17, 2020

The Falcon 8X has generated a lot of hype in the X-Plane community since its announcement, and Aerobask has opted to release a new screenshot of the aircraft today.

The single screenshot, posted in various places including Facebook and, shows a forward-facing view from the cockpit in poor weather conditions, along with synthetic vision.

"Approaching KASE (Aspen) with the Falcon 8X by bad weather," said Aerobask. "Still lot of work, but some nice progress. Thanks to Oscar Pilote for his help (Synthetic Vision and more to come)."

This appears to be a change from a comment earlier last year that suggested it was unlikely synthetic vision would be added.

In another comment shortly before the screenshot was posted, Aerobask confirmed they are not intending on developing for Microsoft Flight Simulator for the time being.

Moreover, a separate aircraft is in production, said to be due for release next month - further details available to read in the article below.

Aerobask to Debut New Aircraft Next Year
Aerobask to Debut New Aircraft Next Year

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