Alabeo Releases Cessna C170B for X-Plane 11

January 24, 2020

Aircraft developer Alabeo has released a new X-Plane product, the Cessna 170B. It is a small two-person shoulder-decker. It features a high-quality 3D model and textures, and 3D rain effects (thanks to Librain by Skiselkov).

Additionally, it has optional tundra wheels, realistic behaviour and custom FMOD sounds. For livery creators, there is a blank texture file for custom designs.

Its features are as follows:

  • Full Xplane 11 compatible
  • Tundra wheels option
  • Realistic Behaviour
  • Rain effect support*
  • Custom sounds (FMOD)
  • Superb material shines and reflections (full PBR).
  • High quality 3D model and textures.
  • Blank texture for creating your own designs
  • Accurately reproduced flight characteristics
  • FPS-optimized model

The Cessna 170 was developed in 1948 and was produced until 1956. In this time there were around 5,000 aircraft built. The most popular version was the C170B which is featured by a better flight model.

Users can buy the Cessna 170B by Alabeo at their website for $24.95. A video of the aircraft is also available to watch below.

Thanks to RyanC_71 for letting us know about the release on the
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