AeroDesign Announces Gerald R. Ford International (KGRR) as their Next Project

Alex John
Friday, August 23, 2019

AeroDesign has announced their next scenery project: Gerald R. Ford International Airport (KGRR).

Named after the 38th President of the United States of America, the airport started life almost 100 years ago near Grand Rapids in Michigan. Year-on-year passenger numbers have grown with carriers such as Delta, Southwest and United being some major airlines serving the airport.

The developer opened up their announcement by noting John Glenn Columbus International Airport (KMCH) was updated to V1.1, and that the support behind the recent free release of Montgomery Airport has been "absolutely amazing."

KGRR will be one of Aerodesign's next projects, implying there are still more come. At present, they are focusing on ground textures before putting more emphasis on the modelling side of the project.

The remodelled terminal will be included, based on the 22nd September last year, or about eleven months ago. Performance is a part of the project, and it was said that an interior may be added, depending on overall performance and people's opinions.

Planned features to be included are:

  • Snow effects based off of MGM
  • Rain effects/puddles
  • .2m ortho resolution(Might switch ortho to go with surrounding ortho)
  • 4K textures
  • WT3 Support
  • Accurate airport layout/ Realistic buildings
  • Animated Jetway's

guyfly closes out by reiterating this is one of two projects in development, with Aviation505 working on another that is due to be announced soon.

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