AeroDesigns Announces Portland Airport, Maine (KPWM)

Friday, May 15, 2020

After an extended period of silence on the scenery development front, AeroDesigns has announced that Portland International Airport in the US state of Maine will be their next project.

The news came via a post on the Forum, with the developer saying that they are now "a few weeks into development and we'd like to give you an overview of what is finished and what we are currently working on."

"We are about to start unwrapping and texturing the terminal followed by the parking structure. The tower is already completed. While that is underway we are also starting to model the surrounding airport buildings and the hangars to the north of the Tower", he says.

A bulleted list in the post indicates that ground textures, mesh work, landmarks and modelling of the tower, terminal and other prominent structures are almost complete.

The team plan to include the following features in their rendition of the East Coast's Portland:

  • 3D Terminal and surrounding airport buildings with high-resolution textures and PBR implementation
  • Highly detailed ground textures with PBR
  • High-resolution orthophotos (9cm [per pixel]; .3 foot)
  • Custom accurate mesh created with Ortho4xp patch
  • Full night lighting
  • Landmarks surrounding the airport are included such as the brightly coloured fuel tanks and Veterans Memorial Bridge on approach for 29
  • SAM will be supported with own custom created Jetways
  • WT3 Compatible

Pricing information and estimated release dates are still to be established at this early stage in development, with a promise that they will inform us in due course.

See the brand's previous payware scenery, Columbus (KCMH), in a previous article.

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