Airworthy Design's Saint Martin v1.5 is live

Peter Tram
Friday, August 24, 2018

In case you've missed it, users of Airworthy Designs' Saint Martin scenery can download a new patched released yesterday: version 1.5. The new patch introduces several new features; most notably, Princess Juliana Airport receiving significant a upgrade in the groundwork, the airport receiving improved normal mapping and redeveloped modelling in some parts. On the other side of the island, for Grand Case airport, users will be welcomed with denser vegetation, and refinements to texturing.

With the 1.5 patch being released, all hands are on deck for part 2 of "Saint Martin and the Princess of the Caribbean", which includes two main airports: Saba and St. Barts.

Check out these screenshots showcasing the groundwork:


  • Texel density reduction across the board (2k texture pack no longer required)
  • 3d Vegetation Polycount reduction (Multiple configuration settings no longer required)
  • Cleaned up water orthos
  • Better autogen placement on remote areas
  • Increased number of night lights
  • Ground and Maritime traffic added
  • Adjusted autogen spill lights


  • New high resolution PBR runways
  • Animated flags
  • Remodeled some bars near Maho Rd.
  • Autogate added
  • Added ATIS freq
  • Added VOR antenna 3d
  • Improved normals
  • Added IACO codes to parking gates

for TFFG:

  • Fixed floating lights
  • Fixed AO artifacts
  • Increased vegetation
  • Increased autogen detail
  • Fix for runway roughness

If you haven't purchased Saint Martin, you can purchase it in the .org store for $33 ($32.95). Here's looking forward to seeing what's in store from Airworthy Designs in the future!

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