Airport Enhancement Package By X-Codr Released

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Developer X-Codr has released their newest product, Airport Enhancement Package (AEP) on the store

The AEP drastically increases the realism of default X-Plane sceneries by replacing their textures with more detailed and higher resolution ones. The new textures also incorporate PBR technology, weather/seasonal effects, and regionalization based on the airport’s location.

X-Codr’s AEP brings improved textures to not only the taxiways and runways, but also buildings and trees. A full list of features is as follows:

  • Almost all airport buildings replaced with new high quality models
  • Majority of airport facades replaced with new high quality facades
  • Majority of all ground clutter replaced with new high quality models
  • All static ground vehicles replaced with new high quality models
  • All airport objects such as runways lights, beacons, and navaids replaced with new high quality models
  • All models feature advanced modeling techniques
  •     o    All models feature UHD textures between 2 and 4 pixels per inch
  •     o    All models feature advanced PBR normal maps for small details and realistic reflections
  •     o    All models feature advanced LODs to maximize detail while maintaining great performance
  •     o    Most models feature lite interiors to provide an added sense of depth and realism without the performance cost
  • All airport vegetation replaced with new high performance 3d vegetation
  •     o    Advanced LOD techniques used to create detailed 3d trees with minimal performance impact
  •     o    Vegetation automatically switches based on region, for example, tropical areas may have palm trees while mountains may have pine trees.
  • All pavement textures replaced with new high-quality textures
  •     o    All pavement textures feature ultra high resolution for great detail
  •     o    All polygon pavement textures feature PBR normal maps for maximum realism and detail
  •     o    Pavement uses large scale decals to break up repetition giving airports a realistic natural feel
  •     o    All airport terrain textures feature normal maps and decals for maximum detail and realism with minimal repetition
  •     o    All markings replaced with new high quality markings
  • Limited Regionalization gives airports a unique feel
  •     o    In rural areas more damaged pavement is randomly mixed in with normal pavement
  •     o    In more rural and tropical areas more worn hangars are mixed in with the newer hangars found elsewhere
  •     o    Vegetation dynamically changes based on the location.
  • • Dynamic weather and seasons
  •     o    Polygon pavement features rain effects
  •     o    All pavement features snow effects
  •     o    Vegetation dynamically changes with the season. See brown and gold trees in the fall, and trees with no leaves in the winter
  • All models match the default style as closely as possible, ensuring you see exactly what the author intended except in a much higher quality.

X-Codr’s Airport Enhancement Package can be purchased on for $22.95. For other products from X-Codr, check out a previous article.

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