Update: AirfoilLabs shows off stunning King Air 350

Peter Tram
May 14, 2018

This is definitely an aircraft you do not want to miss out, the ultimate fusion in detail for both eye candy and system deep simulation.

To much suprise, Airfoillabs has released a major update on their highly anticipated King Air 350 in development, the team has also released a set of almost 50 jaw-dropping images. 

Most of which feature the 3d modelling and texturing; stunning and eye-opening does not begin to describe what the team has modelled, it seems that the King Air will go full on in modelling every nook and cranny there is to the real deal in addition to state-of-the-art system modelling that the team is known for. The intricate rivets to the engine mechanism and internals, the Airfoillabs King Air got it all. Have a look at some of these images, this will be a long ride:

Quite literally, as you can see- every nut and bolt is modelled and textured. In addition to the set of images, the team published a list of to-dos and completed tasks of the project. We've slightly reordered the list and bolded the features that are almost completed or completed, one can see now that the project is wrapping up the visuals department and is putting all hands on deck for the systems. Here is the full feature/to-do list and the status of each component at the project's current state:

Their UI design blends into X-Plane 11's UI quite well:

See the full album of 49 images in this development update: LINK

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