AFM M20 Mooney Collection Updated

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Advanced Flight Modelling’s lead developer Cooper LeComp has indicated via a Discord server post the release of a patch for his AFM M20 Collection.

The project is separate from his endeavours in partnership with Steaven Mckenzie from Attitude Simulations in their joint venture, dubbed TorqueSim, which released their first aircraft in March 2019. The venture has bore fruit for LeComp’s original brand, though, with a move to X-Aviation’s online store, following in the footsteps of Mckenzie and TorqueSim.

Changes in today’s update are rather insignificant in the grand scheme of the whole aircraft, though important to functionality nonetheless, with the patch fixing GTN avionics and preference file saving/loading which had caused issues previously.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Fixed GTNs in the Ovation 2 
  • Fixed preference file saving and loading
  • Adjusted failure sensitivity 
  • Updated Libacfutils to a newer version, to match upcoming [Garmin] G5 to ensure compatibility

The company is currently working on a Garmin G5 for X-Plane. More information about that here.

The M20 Collection is available for sale at X-Aviation for $39.95 USD and includes the M20R Ovation II, Ovation III and the M20TN Acclaim Type S.

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