AFM Simulation Provides Update On M20 Collection Version 4

Keizo Ono
Monday, July 1, 2019

Advanced Flight Modeling (AFM) Simulation, the developers behind the M20 collection and Torquesim Pocket Rocket, have announced a major rework of their M20 Collection. Posted on their website by head developer Cooper LeComp, the update starts with AFM bringing Torquesim developer Steaven McKenzie onboard to, “completely rework the 3D model and texturing of the entire aircraft!”.

Also mentioned was the addition of synthetic vision to version four, which has previously been seen in aircraft such as the Hot Start TBM900, and the Torquesim Pocket Rocket. A feature list was also provided.

Features in the M20 Collection v4 include: 

  • New 3D model
  • New textures
  • New FMOD sound pack
  • Synthetic Vision on the G1000 (Ovation 3 and Acclaim TN)
  • LibRain effects
  • AviTab
  • Performance improvements
  • Automatic tail number generator

According to LeComp, the update will be free to all existing customers, and will be incrementally rolled out via their public beta group on discord, which can be found here

“This update is massive — we are essentially redoing the full aircraft inside and out. It is getting many of the amazing features we have brought to the Pocket Rocket!”

The post also stated that current liveries will be incompatible with version four because of the massive rework of the 3D modelling, and the addition of the custom tail number system. In regards to fixing this issue AFM will be updating most current liveries, as well as add new ones. For those using custom liveries, a patch will be issued allowing for the original model to be used with the new interior modelling from version four, thereby circumventing the issue. For those who bought custom liveries from AFM, a significantly discounted fee to remake the livery for the new model will be available.

LeComp says the official release of the M20 Collection version four will be available later this summer, and that the beta updates will be ready in the coming weeks and months. No mention of a pricing change was said, although he says that now is a great time to take advantage of the “current pricing” of the aircraft. 

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