Airfield Canada Previews Halifax Night Lighting 

September 27, 2020

Canadian developer Airfield Canada has just released new previews of their upcoming Halifax Stanfield Airport for X-Plane 11, showcasing the add-on’s night lighting. 

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is located on Canada’s East-coast and serves the region of Nova Scotia. First opened in 1960, mostly used as a layover airport for transatlantic flights, the airport is now a major player in Canadian transportation with over four million passengers in 2018. The airport became well-known when  it participated in Operation Yellow Ribbon following the closure of US airspace due to the September 11 attacks. Halifax was therefore used by aeroplanes crossing the Atlantic to land before running out of fuel. 

Numerous airport buildings ,as well as surroundings can be seen in these previews, such as a Subway, a fuel pump and a restaurant. 

In a Facebook post, the developer said: “An update on our custom lights for #HalifaxStanfield. Doesn't represent the final product, but gives an idea of what you can expect. #CYHZ”

We last covered Airfield Canada’s upcoming Halifax last July, check out our article.

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